6 Important Search Engine Listing and Ranking Tips
 by: Ashley smith

Very simply if a company offers to have your site listed on the top page of Google within 3 days, 1 week or some other silly amount of time for £150 - it is a lie.

Companies out there are charging anything from £150 upwards for these type of services, and as soon as you sign up they want you to use ridiculous search terms that are never going to be used buy prospective customers. And the keywords you actually want used, will be something to ‘work towards’, a process ‘that will take time’ and so on.

For example if your website is and you use the keyword ‘davidcomplandaccounts’ with no spaces, the company who offer this service will consider this achieving their side of the bargain, though of course no one is going to find your site. You are simply not going to get first page listing with the term ‘Uk accounts’, without resubmission, care, time and attention, whatever they tell you.

So how do you actually getting top ranking. Well the easy answer though not very popular one, is that it will take time.

There are several techniques though that are invaluable and will aid the submission, listing and ranking process:

Submitting your site monthly to all the major Search Engines using a guaranteed inclusion service such as Many submission services don’t even guarantee to get you site listed.

Change your content and Meta Tags before each submission. Therefore over time enabling multiple listing for a single Url.

Incoming links from highly ranked sites. This means contacting related sites, though not direct competition to request mutual or ideally exclusive links to your site.

Keyword frequency. Basically how often your chosen keywords, both in your html source and those used on submission to Search Engines occur in the text of your site.

Always choose a relevant for your submitted page. The title should reflect both your keywords and Url. Each link page should have a different relevant .

Imagine heavy web pages are less Search Engine friendly, therefore relevant keyword based text is the most effective.

So basically Search Engine ranking takes patience, there is no magic wand technique, but if you follow the steps above you can achieve placement and exposure for your website.

Ashley Smith
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Ashley smith

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This article was posted on March 27, 2006