Open Source Scripts
 by: Sanjib Ahmad

Commercial web application systems used to be expensive at one time. With the advent of open source solutions such applications are not only available for free but in many cases they are superior to commercial systems.

Now anyone can have access to advanced systems and scripts such as content management systems, forums, auction scripts, ecommerce systems, shopping carts, photgallery applications and more. Some example scripts are provided below.

Content Management Systems

Drupal, Mambo Open Source, PHPNuke, PostNuke, XOOPS

E-Commerce Systems: 


Image Gallery Scripts:  

Image Gallery

Message Forums: 




You can install the scripts yourself on your webserver. You will need to download the script from the original source site. Unzip the source files and follow the installation steps. The installation steps are usually easy as long as the basic requirements are working currectly in your system. Basic requirements can include database (for example: MySQL), web server (for example: Apache) and programming language parser (for example: PHP).

If you find the installation difficult or too time consuming, you can hire a professional script installation service provider such as Script Jockeys. They can installs scripts such as the ones listed above.

Their services include: * Script installation and customization * Script debugging / troubleshooting * CGI, Perl and PHP scripts * Scripts utilizing MySQL databases

Though I haven't tried their services, you can find more about them at


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