How To Attract Profitable Traffic That Is Always Ready To Give You Money
By Wyatt Lee

Getting traffic to your website is very important, but it is the kind of traffic you attract that is going to make or break your online venture. Let us take a look at four types of website visitors that you may attract to your site.

The first is the casual type. These visitors are not looking for anything in particular. They just casually search the Internet for any information that they may be curious about just to kill time.

The second is the confused type. These visitors want something, but are not sure about what kind of solution or information they need. These are the people who would require the most work.

The third is the 'wait and see' type. These people know exactly what they want, but they would rather wait and see to access all the other possible options first, before making the commitment.

The final one is the 'ready' type. These people are dead certain that they want something, and are ready to pull out their credit cards to get it, and get it fast.

Going through the above list, and you will find that the 'ready' type of visitors is the kind of profitable traffic that you must attract for your online business, because this group of people are the most willing to give you money anytime. All you need to do is just lead them to your sales page, let them read your inspiring sales copy, and just watch your bank account grow.

So how do attract the most profitable kind of traffic? I shall assume that you already know the basics of traffic generation using various Internet marketing methods, so let us dive straight into the tactics of getting the right kind of visitors who will help turbo-boost your online business by handing you the dollars on a plate.

1. Get your links displayed on high profile websites

Always strive to get your product links displayed on high profile sites. These sites can be review centers, online shopping portals, or high traffic websites. The trick of this Internet marketing strategy is to divert the visitors who may frequent those websites to your site. Once they are at your site, you can feel confident enough that these visitors are always ready and more than willing to buy your offer.

2. Advertise in well-performing e-zines

The keyword here is well-performing ezines. You would want to look out for ezines that have high response rates. An e-zine is useless if it has got lots of subscribers, but they are not responsive. So look out for any mailing list that consists of people who are always willing and ready to dive into their pockets.

3. Use 3 or more words to compose your keywords phrase

People who know exactly what they want are normally very specific in their search for the required information. They will usually key in 3 or more keywords as their search terms in order to find the best offer for what they need. Once they found what they need, they will pull out their credit cards to make the purchase, no questions asked.

You can also use this tip for your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign, so that your ads will appear on the screen of the people who have the highest likelihood of making a purchase.

4. Steal your competitor's traffic

If you are a nice guy, then maybe this is not for you. Although stealing other people's traffic does not sound good, this method is by no means what we consider as black hat. All you have to do is to know where your competition's traffic is coming from.

You would need to do a bit of research here. You can go to the popular directories like the one in Yahoo and search for high-ranking websites in your niche, and find out what are the websites they link to, and then go and link with the those same websites as they are doing.

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